Download the Free! add-on "Mobile Net Switch Quick Launcher" (QMNS)

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What is the QMNS?

QMNS is a front-end interface for Mobile Net Switch. It allows you to specify five profiles to be activated with the click of a button.


Please note; QMNS requires Mobile Net Switch to be installed first.

To use QMNS, download it from the link above and save the file in the \Program Files\Mobile Net Switch\ directory. Please also create a shortcut to the desktop and/or start menu for easy access to QMNS.

When QMNS is started for the first time, the first five Mobile Net Switch profiles will be added as buttons to QMNS.

To activate a profile, click the corresponding profile or Function key (F1 for the first profile, F2 for the second, etc)

To modify the configuration of QMNS, click the Options button.

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Buttons Frame

Select the profiles you want to add, select the first empty entry from the drop down list to clear (disable) that button.

Option Frame

MNS Path: QMNS will automatically detect the path of the Mobile Net Switch executable (MNS.exe). Use this field to manually modify the MNS.exe path.

Close after profile activation: Specifies if Mobile Net Switch must be close automatically after a profile has been activated

Show the all profiles button: This will enable the 'Show all profiles' link on the QMNS main page. this enables you to activate more then five profiles using QMNS

Auto start with Windows: QMNS will be automatically started when Windows starts (this feature will disable the auto-start feature of Mobile Net Switch to prevent them from starting both)

For administrator

To disable the Options button and prevent users from modifying the QMNS settings, edit the following registry key:
Set the value to True

Latest version

Below you will find an overview of the improvements and modifications made in previous versions:

Version 1.10

  • Added a (profiles) refresh button to the options menu
  • When QMNS is first started, a shortcut will be automatically created on the desktop and in the start menu
  • Several minor improvements made to the program and user interface

Version 1.09

  • Allows you to blank or hide buttons (in case you are using less then 5 profiles)
  • Added an option to specify the title bar text (default = 'Select your location Pofile')

Version 1.08

  • Removed references to the Windows Scripting Host and replaced them with API commands
    (this increases performance and prevents problems with the McAfee ScriptStopper)

Version 1.07

  • Bug fix: when using Mobile Net Switch in Global Settings Mode (all users on a system share one set of location profiles), QMNS was not able to retrieve the profile list from Mobile Net Switch. The problem has been resolved in this version

Version 1.06 (latest version)

  • Bug fix: On some systems the 'auto start' feature didn't work correctly, the problem has been resolved in this version

Version 1.05 (latest version)

  • Several small improvements have been added. For example QMNS will now always activate a profile using the Function keys (F1, F2, etc) even when the program doesn't have focus. (the program can lose focus when it starts automatically along with other programs on your system)

To check the version of QMNS you are using, right click the QMNS.exe, click properties and select the Version tab. As of version 1.05 the version is also displayed on the main page of the program. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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